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Now that you your construction or renovation project has ended, you want everything to look clean, new and impressive. After investing so much time, money and effort into the process, you don't want to be left with a dirty and messed up construction site.

With Assyrian Star you have nothing to worry about! Our comprehensive post construction cleanup services comprise special cleaning techniques and methods to ensure that residents or employees can return safely and enjoy the new structure we have completed. We remove dirt, dust and debris, together with the rough, final touch up. Interior and exterior surfaces will be repeatedly cleaned to remove the settling dust and tracked in dirt that piled up throughout construction.

Assyrian Star has special post construction teams who specialize in this type of service. Our people care about your building’s debut, whether residential, commercial or governmental construction site. At the end of the process they are committed to deliver a clean and great looking interior and exterior, instilling a sense of pride among its occupants.

Post construction clean up services include the following elements:

  • Complete overall dust down of construction projects
  • Complete cleaning, sealing and finishing of all floor surfaces
  • Thorough power wash of interior and exterior areas
  • Deep scrub and seal concrete
  • Windows washing
  • Cleaning of restrooms, furnishings and fixtures
  • Provide incoming tenants or occupants with transitional janitorial services

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