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Frequently asked questions

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Q. Which types of construction services do you provide?

A. Assyrian Star Construction specializes in residential, commercial and governmental construction and renovation projects. Our services comprise custom built homes, structural additions, kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, woodworking, painting, electrical, plumbing, decks, roofing, landscaping, heating and roofs.


1235 Fairview Street, Suite: 376

Q. Do you provide services only to the Hamilton area?
A. No, we work in many surrounding areas. Although we are located in Hamilton, our teams are able to reach any location in the country, providing the highest professional construction services you need.

Q. If I want to get started, how does it work?
​A. Contact Assyrian Star now to provide the preliminary requirements for your construction or renovation project. We'll analyze your needs and requirements and then we'll present you with a working plan and costs. In most cases we'll visit the site to better understand the job that must be done.

Q. If I want to renovate, should I remodel or tear everything down?
A. If you're not planning a massive rebuilding or renovation project, then remodeling is a more cost-effective and sustainable alternative. In such case you can save money by keeping the main structure intact and just focus on remodeling and redesign. But obviously, if your structure has major problems or safety issues, tearing it down completely and starting from scratch will be the only practical option.

Q. Do I need to hire an architect for the project?
A. Well, it depends on the size and nature of the renovation. In many cases you won't need to hire your own architect. Architects and engineers are usually needed for major exterior changes or structural changes. Anyway, if you'll require architectural assistance, we will be glad recommend someone for your specific project.

Q. What should I consider before starting a renovation, addition or construction project?
A. Professional in-depth planning is key to the project's success. At Assyrian Star we will stand by your side, making sure you reach the best decision while planning your project. There are many elements to consider - sometimes things you didn't even think about. Our experts will make sure nothing remains untaken care of, avoiding future potential surprises.

Q. How do I monitor and control the renovation process?
A. Not only you're welcome to the renovation or construction site at any hour of the day, but our team will inform you on a daily basis on the progress of our work. At Assyrian Star we believe that frequent communication and full transparency are essential for guaranteeing the best results.

Q. How long does a typical renovation project last?
A. Not all renovation projects were born equal. Every project is unique, with its specific requirements, work volume and completion schedules. At Assyrian we'll inform you how much time the project will take, and we'll always be on time.

Q. Who will do the post construction cleaning?
A. At Assyrian, post construction clean up services are an integral part of any project. Not only we will do our best to clean up the work site daily, but we will also make sure that the structure or renovation project is delivered nice, fresh and totally clean.

Q. Should I and my family move out during construction or renovation?
A. It depends on the nature and size of your project. A major reconstruction or renovation project will require structure evacuation. Simpler renovations may require just partial evacuations.

Q. What makes you so special compared to other renovation services?
A. The most significant element that makes us stand out in our industry is the special combination of our knowledge, competence and integrity. When you work with Assyrian Star you can rest assured that you get something truly special. We know what needs to be done and we know the best and most cost-effective ways to get there. We always deliver our projects on time and within budget.

Q. What should I do if I have questions about your services?
A. We'd be happy to answer your questions. Please email or call us and we'll be glad to answer all your questions.Type your paragraph here.